I Failed P90X and Here s What

P90X Chest and Back full Workout video

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I completely failed at trying to do P90X. But in that failure, I learned some valuable lessons.

A few years ago I spent about $150 on the entire P90X DVD set. This included all the DVDs, nutrition guide, the official protein powder and a set of workout resistance bands. The late night informercials finally convinced me that I was going to look like Tony Horton and all the successful “beach body” people in just 90 days.

Once my package of death (I mean, P90X package) arrived I had all the tools at my fingertips to get in amazing shape and become a much healthier person.

Spoiler alert: I only made it to P33X.

For those of you who might not be familiar with P90X, it’s a set of workout videos and a nutrition plan all guided by this ridiculously in-shape personal trainer named Tony Horton. You may notice the “90″ in the name, and that’s because it’s supposed to get you ripped and in “beach body shape, ” in just 90 days.

When I popped the first DVD in, I expected to start at P1X; Day one. Something really simple and really doable. Instead, I was met with a full-blown 52 minute chest and back workout, that included a 6 minute warmup. By the end of the warmup I was drenched in sweat and I felt like my heart was going to explode (not a good sign). I knew I was out of shape, but this made me feel like I was fighting a painfully impossible up-hill battle.

While Tony Horton and all the other incredibly beautiful people in his workout videos were in great shape, I was not.

I will give credit to Tony Horton. Throughout every single workout video, he tells you to “do your best and forget the rest.” He shows you exercises you can do if you can’t do pull-ups, push-ups, whatever. It seems like he tries to talk to people who are incredibly out of shape and give them hope and inspiration.

So I stuck with Tony. For 33 grueling days, I shoved DVD after DVD into the black box on my TV stand, and I did my “best” and tried my hardest to “forgot the rest.”

Only, my best never got to be good enough. And during every single punishing minute of every workout all I could think about was the rest.

I spent 33 days trying my hardest to keep up with Tony and the other people in his workout videos, only to feel like I wasn’t good enough every single day. After that 33rd day, I finally gave up. It was after the stupid “Ab Ripper X” workout. I remember it like it was yesterday. I stopped mid “Crunchy Frog, ” turned off my TV, tossed my remote aside in disgust, collapsed on the floor and threw in my sweaty towel on P90X.

For many of us, this is the same experience we have with things associated with our businesses. Maybe you’re just getting started and you feel completely overwhelmed or you’re an existing business and you feel like you’re stuck climbing never-ending uphill battles.

We all need to work at our own pace.

One thing that always killed me with P90X was that I felt like I was constantly behind. I was never doing enough reps of an exercise. I had to take frequent breaks while Tony and his crew moved on to another exercise I could barely do. Eventually I skipped large portions of the workouts because I felt so defeated. I don’t think the pause button on my remote ever got so much use.

In business you can feel the same way. Maybe you’ve laid out a specific launch plan or marketing strategy? As soon as you dive in (P1X) you find yourself overwhelmed, intimidated and hating the experience. All you want to do is quit.

If you’re trying to model your business after a successful business in your space, it can feel impossible. If you’re just trying to keep your current business afloat with new approaches or strategies, it often feels like nothing is working.

This is the problem with trying to work at someone else’s pace, using someone else’s tips, tactics and whatnot. You need to understand who you are and in what environment you work the best. Just because something worked for another business doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Does it have the chance to? Sure. But if you’re not comfortable with the pace of whatever it is you’re working on, you’re never going to stick with it.

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P90X in 90 Seconds: Chest and Back Workout Video | Brett
P90X in 90 Seconds: Chest and Back Workout Video | Brett ...
P90X.01.Chest and Back.[x264.aac].tRuAVC.minirip
P90X.01.Chest and Back.[x264.aac].tRuAVC.minirip ...

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