Beginner Full Body Workout

5 Day full body workout

We've created a fun 5 Day Workout Challenge for intermediate-advanced exercisers to jumpstart you towards all of your fitness and health goals. All you need for this 5 Day Challenge is a set of dumbbells. If you push yourself over the course of this short program and make sure that you're eating healthily, you might notice small changes in the way your body looks and feels by the end of these 5 days.

Day One: 40 Minute At Home Butt and Thigh Workout - Lower Body Workout with Kelli and Daniel - Lift your butt, shape your thighs, and burn off a great deal of calories with some of the most effective lower body exercises possible. This workout is great with weights but is still highly effective with no equipment at all. Estimated Calorie Burn: 216-408

Day Two: 37 Minute Upper Body Superset Workout with Fat Burning Cardio Intervals - Arm, Chest, Back & Shoulder Workout - Your legs should be pretty sore from yesterday's workout. If they aren't, that's a sign that you might need to bump up the amount of weight that you're lifting during your strength workouts (or check your form). Today we're working our upper body, and we've thrown in a few cardio bursts to keep your heart rate up & the calorie burn high. Estimated Calorie Burn: 195-403

Day Three: 35 Minute Insane HIIT Challenge - Bodyweight Only High Intensity Interval Training Workout - This workout is brutal! Push yourself, but pace yourself; listen to your body and modify exercises or take extra breaks when necessary. Your metabolism is going to be reeling after this incredibly effective fat burning workout. Estimated Calorie Burn: 278-429

Day Four: 37 Minute Fat Burning Cardio Workout and/or, if you're feeling very sore, try this 27 Minute Yoga Pilates Stretching Blend - Burn off some extra calories with these easy-on-the-body recovery workout videos. Estimated Calorie Burn: Cardio only: 222-407 Stretching only: 73-132 Both: 295-539

Day Five: 35 Minute Total Body Toning Strength and HIIT Cardio Workout - You vs You - Finish off the week with this total body strength training routine that will leave you feeling strong and satisfied. In under 35 minutes you get a cardiovascular challenge, a total body toning workout, and your cool down and stretch. Estimated Calorie Burn: 183-398

This 5 Day Program is just a small, simplified snapshot of what our Fat Loss Programs are like - the actual programs are more detailed and include much more information, as well as a nutrition overview to guide you on how to best fuel your body to look and feel great. You can use this 5 day plan for 2-3 weeks in a row; any longer than that and you're looking at needing to mix up your routine a bit. If you need help putting together a safe and effective long term workout plan to follow, check out our programs below.

Here's a brief rundown on each of the programs that we offer:
8 Week Fat Loss Programs Round 1-4: These can be done in any order; the higher the round of the program, the newer the workouts (each of the program uses different workout videos). These programs are challenging and include a combination of HIIT, strength training, plyometrics, circuit training, cardio, kettlebell, kickboxing, stretching, Pilates, yoga, etc. All you need for this program is a set of dumbbells (dumbbells make a great sub for kettlebells). Rounds 2-4 all start off with brutal workouts, but include a beginner option for the first 2 weeks of the program, if the initial HIIT routines prove to be too challenging. The first round starts off at a slower pace, and picks up in difficulty throughout the program. Workouts last about 50-60 minutes on average, with a couple of instances of the 1000 Calorie Workout Videos in the later programs (these workouts tend to be longer!). Detailed workouts are planned for you 5-6 days/week (the sixth day is optional). Nutrition overview included in each round.

Fat Loss Program for Busy People - These are very similar to our regular Fat Loss Programs but are modified for people who just don't have time to workout for an hour each day; this program provides a workout plan that can change a person's body and fitness level in less than 30 minutes a day. Nutrition overview included.

Low Impact Program for Beginners - If you're new to exercising, this is a great place to start. This is also great for people want to avoid high impact exercises on their joints. Don't fool yourself into thinking that this program will be a cake walk; we use beginner friendly low impact cardio (there's almost literally no jumping at all throughout this program), strength training, and stretching to help shed bodyweight and reduce body fat, without being overly taxing on the body. Workouts are generally 40-60 minutes on average, 5-6 days/week (the sixth day is optional). Nutrition overview included.

You can't out-exercise a bad diet, and for that reason we also offer 4 Week Meal Plans; detailed day by day guides about what to eat for three meals and three snacks a day. There are five different calorie allotments provided so that you can use the plan to lose, maintain, or gain weight. Vegan Meal Plan and Vegetarian Meal Plan options available.


Push Up Pump | Full Body Workout in 5 Minutes a Day | As
Push Up Pump | Full Body Workout in 5 Minutes a Day | As ...
Which is better? A full body workout of a 5 day split.
Which is better? A full body workout of a 5 day split.
30 Min. Full Body HIIT Workout | Day 15 - 30 Day Full Body
30 Min. Full Body HIIT Workout | Day 15 - 30 Day Full Body ...

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