Leg circuit workout

Leg Circuit Workout

I love circuit training for legs because it shocks your body to change in a very short time frame. If you're accustomed to doing a lot of leg work on the squat rack or leg press with extended rest periods, then this fast-paced workout will give your legs a new stimulus. Over time—if you continue to work out like this—you'll see a massive increase in lower-body muscular definition.

The exercises in this workout train the legs in a multidirectional manner, unlocking your lower body from typical front-to-back, unidirectional leg-day movements. This workout will help build strength in the lateral and medial parts of your legs, and it's great for athletes who need to generate power in different directions very quickly.

Integrate this circuit into your training split as a main leg workout for up to four weeks, then switch to something else, or you can use it as additional leg work if you want to train legs twice a week. It's a great supplemental leg workout to your main session, especially if your main session is loaded heavy and locks you in one plane of motion.

1Kettlebell side-to-side squat

Make sure you have proper spinal alignment when performing this move, and that your knees do not come out over your toes. No kettlebells? Substitute a dumbbell!

To knock out a side-to-side squat, perform a basic squat, but on the way up perform a side-step. Take 3 steps to the right, then 3 steps back to the left. Repeat for 30 seconds.

2Leg extension

Choose a weight that isn't too heavy for this move, because you need to last 30 seconds. Move quickly, but maintain control—you don't want to blow your knee out while you're lifting. By the end of the 30 seconds, you should feel an insane amount of burn.

3Reverse lunge

You don't have to use weight for this exercise, but can if you desire. Be aware of your knee placement. I often see people perform lunges incorrectly: Their knees come too far over their feet. To perform a reverse lunge, you simply take a step back, drop down, and then rise and switch to the opposite leg.

4Seated hamstring curl

The same principles for the leg extension apply here: Choose a weight that will challenge you, but allows you to last the full 30 seconds. Keep your butt firmly planted on the seat; don't slide around or bend forward. Keep your back against the pad and the stress on your hammies.

5Bodyweight squat

Again, you can do this exercise with or without weight. Pay attention to your spinal alignment. You don't want to bend forward and cheat the exercise, or let your knees come out over your toes. Place your weight on your heels as you drop down, and fire through your heels on the way back up. Keep your chest up and your neck neutral.

6Defensive slide drill

Get into a squat position and transition explosively out of the turns. Each slide covers about five yards in distance. Touch the ground with your outer hand before returning five yards to the starting place. This will help bring in the beautiful lines of definition on the sides of your legs, and it will also help you in play and sport.

Source: www.bodybuilding.com

Leg Circuit workout - Leg Complex
Leg Circuit workout - Leg Complex
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