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30-Minute Swim Workouts

Need to get in a pool session but only have half an hour? Make the most of your short time frame with one of these workouts.

Maybe you had a long day at the office or a shortened lunch break, but there is still enough time to get to the pool for a quick 30-minute session! Don’t scoff at the abbreviated time—you can accomplish at lot in the water: Focus on drills and technique, get in a long aerobic swim or just maintain your “feel” for the water, which can quickly disappear if you stay out of the pool for too long.

Workout 1

Purpose: Emphasize efficient technique with low-intensity, purposeful drills.

300 choice warm-up
All with 15 sec rest:
4×25 kick
4×50 Fingertip
Drag Drill
4×75 (25 right arm, 25 left arm, 25 swim)
4×100 (25 scull, 75 swim emphasis on catch)
*Repeat until your time is up.

Workout 2

Purpose: Build strength with a pulling set (paddles are optional).

100 swim/100 non-free/100 kick warm-up
4×150 pull with 20 sec rest (50 easy/50 moderate/50 strong)
100 swim recovery
4×100 pull with 10 sec rest (descend time 1–4)
100 cool-down

Workout 3

Purpose: Prepare for the open water in the comfort of your local pool.

300 warm-up (kick every fourth 25)
8×25 with 10 sec rest (odds: Tarzan Drill, evens: Fist Drill)
400 swim (no walls, turn at the “T”)
4×75 with 15 sec rest (25 sprint, 50 steady)
4×50 pull with 10 sec rest cool-down

Workout 4

Purpose: Work on speed and stroke cadence with short, high-intensity sprints with full recovery.

2×100 swim/50 kick warm-up
6×25 with 15 sec rest (build each 25 to fast)
100 pull easy/recovery
6×25 with 15 sec rest (alternate fast and easy)
200 pull easy/recovery
6×25 with 15 sec rest (2 fast, 1 easy)
300 pull easy/recovery

Workout 5

Purpose: Stay focused with goal times for long endurance swims.

100 choice warm-up
600 swim (take note of your time)
60 sec rest
300 swim (try to be faster than half of your 600 time)
45 sec rest
150 swim (faster than half of 300)

Source: triathlon.competitor.com

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